M.M. | Moments Are Infinite But They Only Happen Once

May 15, 2017

“What are you grateful for today?”

It’s easy for a lot of us to constantly remind ourselves of what we don’t have. That dream home, that perfect relationship, those paychecks with a long line of zeros. On top of that, it’s easy for a lot of us to get carried away in pursuit of our goals and aspirations. It’s a great thing to consume ourselves with our dreams and actions to take every day to get there. The thing is, we have to remind ourselves every now and then to stop and take a look around at what we already have.

It’s interesting how this has to become a practice. It’s not something most of us are ingrained with for what ever reason. But it’s something we have to learn to focus on along with our pursuits. What’s truly incredible is once this becomes habit, how much we realize we’ve been missing. Take this for example. There’s a high probability that in the past week you’ve walked outside. What did the sun feel like the moment you walked out your door? Chances are, if it was sunny, you have no idea. Or when was the last time you sent a heartfelt text instead of a quick one word response or phrase? When was the last time you drew in a deep breath just to remind yourself what it feels like to be alive? These are things we overlook each and every day. These are things we all like to take for granted. It’s funny, those small things we take for granted are things we miss the most when they’re gone. What if we all took nothing for granted today? What a day that would be.

Take your significant other in your arms and tell them that you love them. Thank them for working their ass off and for all the hard work they do to live life and keep your relationship strong. Enjoy the sun on your face, the sound of your children playing, and the presence of those you love. Take today to stop, to look around, and to be truly grateful for what you have right here in this moment. Moments are infinite, but none of them will ever happen twice.

Today is the day.


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