John Hobbs | How to Bring an Invention to Life

May 19, 2017

How do you create an invention? How do you take an idea, build a prototype, convey it to a manufacturer or engineer, get funding, and ultimately bring it all together to bring your idea to life? Well, we cover a lot of that in this episode on the Forge Your Potential Podcast. It’s our pleasure this week to introduce John Hobbs. A runner, an inventor, an entrepreneur, and one tenacious human being.

John shares with us step by step his story, and how he came up with a genius design for a water bottle for runners. We talk about how he took his idea from a thought, to the drawing board, to a prototype, and on to a fully developed product. We touch on the importance of planning ahead in whatever venture you aim to launch and being able to not only handle slow company growth, but also being able to handle rapid growth. Seriously, how ridiculous would it feel to launch a company or a product and end up burning it to the ground because it took off too fast and you couldn’t keep up with the growth? Unfortunately, this does happen. We also talk about how he approached investors and acquired capital for the launch of his idea. We hit a bit on building relationships for the long term and its importance, how to reground yourself through negativity, the direct correlation of physical health and success in life, and more.

Hang out with us and the one and only John Hobbs right now on the Forge Your Potential Podcast.

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