M.M. | Is It Ok To Look Back At The Past?

May 11, 2017

“Don’t dwell on the past, but don’t neglect to reflect.”

Looking back at the past can be a trip. A lot of times it feels like an entirely different world and even an entirely different life. In a lot of ways, it was. Our goals were different, our perspectives, what we found important in that moment in time, all of it for the most part was most likely a bit different than what we have and see in front of us today. The past can be beautiful, but it can prove dangerous for those who choose to dwell there. Knowing us though, in this Motivational Minute, we’re going to focus the positive aspects of looking back.

Most of our adult lives we’re told that looking back is wrong. Looking back is weak. If you’re looking backward, you’ll never be able to see forward. Here’s the deal, as with most things in life, moderation and the reason why you’re doing something is key. The past shouldn’t be lived in, no more than the future should be. The present is where we need to live, but past and future is where we need to look from time to time. Again, look back in moderation. Revisit the good, the bad, and apply it to what you’re facing today. And there you have the why. Look back to enjoy and relish those moments that are past that will never do so again. Look back to learn how to be better today and tomorrow. Look back because you can, that’s one of the incredible things about being a human, the memories we hold and pass on to others. Not to mention the importance of such. So next time when we feel like preaching to someone about the dangers of looking back, we’ll remember the benefits of doing so.

No matter what it holds, don’t be afraid to visit the past, but sure as hell don’t get lost there. Like an orchid in the rainforest to a fly, it can be a beautiful trap. Enjoy it and simply pass by just to say hello.

Today is the day.


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