M.M. | Dreams You Never Knew Were Possible

April 30, 2017

“Sometimes all it takes is a little push from someone or something to reveal to us our true potentials.”

It’s so easy for us to fall into our set ways. As adults, we hardly ever stop and question the way we think, act, and react to things in our lives. We see things for how they are (how we think or want them to be), and that’s the end of it. We fall into patterns of comfort, suddenly finding ourselves years later in the very same place we were years ago. It’s not comfortable to think differently, to actually consider what we never thought possible. If we stay within the walls of comfort, the true possibilities for our lives will never be revealed. That’s where life comes in.

Throughout life, we meet people and situations that will change our lives for ever. Life forces us to grow. However, it’s not always a conscious decision, but you’ll notice the changes within yourself in time. Say you meet the person of your dreams, then come to find out, your dreams didn’t even compare and you’ve literally found your heaven on earth. The moments you spend together feel like dreams, afraid that you’re both going to wake up at some point. The way they completely and totally captivate you without doing a thing. You suddenly find yourself giving this person your all, and much much more. You find yourself giving to this person pieces of your soul you never thought even existed. You start to see things differently. Red is no longer a color, it is her favorite color. Hearing the laughter of a child is no longer just someone’s kid you happen to be around, you hear and see the laughter of your own child as it reminds you of them. All this beautiful journey took was taking a chance to fall in love, to let go and trust the other to catch you. All it took was someone coming into your life to show you just what kind of love existed and what kind of love you were capable of. The same can happen in situations we’re faced with in life. We never know what we’re capable of until we have no choice. Whether that’s making ends meet for the family, or overcoming an addiction, or riding ourselves from toxic relationships. Sometimes all it takes is a little push and suddenly we’re awake, seeing what we’ve never seen before. And what a beautiful thought that is.

Let this remind us that there is beauty and possibility out there, some we didn’t even know existed. Let us take chances today, hold on for a moment longer today, and to recognize that sometimes, it is the people in our lives and the situations that we’re faced with, that will be the greatest gifts we’ve ever had. Your dreams could be just the beginning of something much more incredible.

Today is the day.


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