#140: 8 Steps To Quitting Your 9-5

April 21, 2017

Let us start by saying, that there is nothing wrong with rocking a 9-5, there a ton of benefits in fact. If you enjoy your 9-5 and you’re loving life, skip this episode entirely and pass it on to someone who isn’t digging the 9-5 lifestyle. There are those of us who know deep down, that there is no job to which we can be employed, that we’ll feel truly fulfilled. We’ve been there, going job to job, seeking advancement, higher pay, better opportunities, and the like, only to find out that none of those aspects actually satisfy us. We need and desire something different, not something more really, but something more to us.

If you’re still reading this, there’s a huge possibility that you woke up today unexcited. If that is you, we know, and we know that you know, that something has to change. Life is a beautiful, incredible, amazing opportunity, and it’s damn short to not love every second of it. You deserve to wake up excited for your day. Let’s be honest, if we’re living life absent of fulfillment, a lot of us aren’t even excited for the weekend. Because all the weekend is, is another week gone that you weren’t doing what you want to do, and there’s another week heading your way of the exact same thing. Now imagine that every week for rest of your career and working life. It’s fucking terrifying isn’t it? This scares you because you know you were meant for more, and again, you deserve that something. You deserve to wake up every day like a kid on Christmas morning. Excited, full of life, bursting with happiness, excited for the unknown and the infinite positive possibilities for the day. We’re here today to help stoke that fire.

Today we cover 8 steps that you can take to saying goodbye to your 9-5. We talk getting started, the journey, and what success really means. The mental aspects, the physical, we cover it all to help you uncover your true potential, so that you can answer that higher calling. Let this week be the beginning of your journey, or a shot in the arm for those of you in the middle of it. Let this day be a reminder to you that anything is possible, that nothing is out of reach, and that you deserve your dreams.

We’ll be in touch!

Today is the day.


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